Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mass MedLine

There has been a recent increase in the development of new discount cards initiatives providing discounts on both brand and generic medications at pharmacies across the state. Some plans indicate that they are a ‘statewide initiative’ which may be misinterpreted by the consumer that the program is a product of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There are multiple programs for patients to obtain their medications at an
affordable cost.

Please know that you can reach MassMedLine (toll free: 1-800-633-1617) as a trusted resource for all programs (federal, state and private) that provide assistance accessing medications and available plans.

MassMedLine is a result of a long-standing partnership between the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs. Please use the toll-free help line, or click on the “Ask The Pharmacist” link on their website at http://www.mcphs.edu/impact/community-service-programs/pharmacy-outreach-program to ensure you are utilizing the programs that are best for you.

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