Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Get Help Finding a Ride -

Get help finding a ride

Information to help seniors, people with disabilities, and others find a ride in Massachusetts.

National Do Not Call Registry

Veteran’s Independence Plus program (VIP)

Veteran’s Independence Plus program (VIP) supports veterans of any age that are at risk of nursing home placement and their family caregivers by providing home and community based services to enable them to continue to live in their homes and communities. Eligible veterans receive a comprehensive assessment, develop a service plan, and can purchase goods and services that best meet their needs. VIP is jointly administered by the Executive Office of Elder Affairs and the Department of Veterans’ Services. 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Safelink Tracfone and Alcatel One Touch Available Tutorials

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If you need assistance with your device, tutorials are available for you. Simply click on the desired tutorial and follow along with your device. Navigate through the steps to see what your device’'s screen should display.  Live CHAT also available.

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SHINE Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone - Insurance Review

The SHINE Program at the Peabody Senior Center provides free health insurance information, counseling and assistance in navigating the Medicare and MassHealth systems for seniors.

For more information, meet with a SHINE counselor. To make an appointment with a SHINE counselor at the PCOA, please contact Sheila or Sandra at 978-531-2254. You may also call the Regional SHINE office at Mystic Valley Elder Services at 781-388-4845.

Be prepared for your SHINE appointment by completing this form. 

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Greater Lowel Workforce Development Board - National Senior Network

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The National Senior Network administers the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), a U.S. Department of Labor funded employment and training program for eligible mature workers age 55 and older. Through paid on the job experience in community based organizations (non profit or government) and classroom training, participants update their employability, marketable skills and fine tune their job hunting strategies and execution with NSN. Over 300 individuals worked through NSN last year.

National Able Network - Lowel MA

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About National Senior Network

Our mission is to:
  • To provide employment and Training opportunities for older workers.
  • To provide non-profit and government agencies with seasoned workers to add capacity to operations.

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

SNAP households automatically enrolled into the Health Incentives Program (HIP)

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Eating fruits and vegetables each day is important for your health. HIP helps you buy more fruits and vegetables for your household.

How does HIP work?

We automatically enroll SNAP households in HIP.

Use your SNAP benefits at one of our HIP retailers to buy fruits and vegetables. You will receive $1 for each dollar you spend on eligible fruits and vegetables, up to $40 monthly for 1-2 people. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Medicare Premiums: Rules for Higher-Income Beneficiaries

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You may use this form if you received a notice that your monthly Medicare Part B (medical insurance) or prescription drug coverage premiums include an income-related monthly adjustment amount (IRMAA) and you experienced a life changing event that may reduce your IRMAA.