Thursday, April 13, 2017

Healthy Incentives Program

Thanks to a grant from USDA, beginning in April 2017, the new Healthy Incentives Program will provide a 100 percent incentive – a dollar-for-dollar match – for each SNAP dollar spent on targeted fruits and vegetables purchased at farmers’ markets. These incentives will be calculated and instantly applied to the SNAP recipient’s EBT card, and information on the incentive earned and SNAP account balance will be provided on the accompanying receipt. The maximum incentive that can be earned each month will be based on household size. Households with 1-2 members will be capped at $40, households with 3-5 members will be capped at $60, and households with 6 or more members will be capped at $80. A 1-2 person household SNAP recipient could potentially turn a $16 benefit into $56 by purchasing fruits and vegetables each week at their local farmers market. 

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