Thursday, June 12, 2014

Change of Address Checklist

Government Agencies

  • • The Internal Revenue Service – Download the Form
  • • Social Security Administration Click Here
  • • Social Security Administration: Supplemental Security Income Benefits Click Here
  • • Department of Veterans Affairs Click Here
  • • State Department of Motor Vehicles Click Here
  • • U.S. Customs and Immigration Services Click Here


  • • Electric company
  • • Water company
  • • Gas company
  • • Sewer company
  • • Trash/Waste company
  • • Telephone company
  • • Television (cable or satellite)
  • • Internet provider
  • • Pest control company

Financial Institutions

  • • Insurance companies (your home, auto, medical, dental, life, etc.)
  • • Banks or Credit Unions (wherever you currently have accounts)
  • • Investment brokers (your IRA or other investment managers)
  • • Lenders (car loans, personal loans, and more)
  • • Credit reporting agencies (especially if you are rebuilding your credit)


  • • Your Friends and Family. See SmileBox for ideas.
  • • Magzine Subscriptions Click Here
  • • Daycare providers
  • • Elementary, middle, or high schools
  • • Your attorney
  • • Doctors, dentists, eye doctor, etc.
  • • Clubs you belong to
  • • Professional associations
  • • Church
  • • Licensing and Certification boards

Do Not Mail and Do Not Call National Programs

  • • Do Not Mail this is a national service that helps stop junk mail coming from direct mail advertisers. You can register your name and address here for free.
  • • Do Not Call is a National service that stops telemarketers (or most of them) from calling your phone number. You can register your phone here. This does work for mobile phones as well as home phones.
We are planning on adding more change of address services and forms in the near future. If you know of any great services that you would like to see added, please send us an email at

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