Thursday, May 29, 2014

Medicare Appeals

Medicare Appeals

If you disagree with a decision made by Medicare, you have the right to appeal.  All steps in the appeal process have specific time frames and other requirements.  It is very important to pay attention to the time limits for appeals!

Some appealable situations are:
·         Medicare denies your request for a health care service, supply, or prescription
·         Medicare denies payment for health care that you  have already received
·         Medicare stops covering services that you are receiving
·         Medicare pays a different amount than you believe it should

For assistance with appeals, the Medicare Advocacy Project (MAP) provides free advice and legal representation.  MAP can assist anyone with Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan, regardless of income.  For assistance from MAP, call the Massachusetts Senior Legal Helpline at 866-778-0939.

Trained SHINE counselors offer free, confidential counseling on all aspects of Medicare.  For more information, meet with a SHINE counselor. To make an appointment with the SHINE counselor here, please contact Sheila at 978-531-2254 ext. 118. You may also call the Regional SHINE office at Mystic Valley Elder Services at 781-388-4845.

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