Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Prescription Advantage

Unfortunately, it is not closing until the year 2020.
The federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (often known as Health Care Reform) provides for gradual closure of the Medicare Part D “donut hole.” That hole will not fully close until 2020.
This year, when Medicare beneficiaries (who do not get Extra Help) reach the donut hole, their Part D plan will pay 50% of covered brand name drugs and 7% of covered generic drugs. The beneficiary’s cost will be the remaining 50% (brand name) or 93% (generic). If you take a brand name drug that costs $300, you will still have to pay $150!!

This is where Prescription Advantage can help.
Prescription Advantage, the Massachusetts prescription drug assistance program, can help reduce your out-of-pocket costs even further when you reach the donut hole.
To find out how to lower your drug costs, call Prescription Advantage at 1-800-243-4636 or TTY for the deaf and hard of hearing at 1-977-610-0241.
The money you save can be your own!

The Top 10 Reasons to Join Prescription Advantage
10. There is no monthly premium
 9. Prescription Advantage helps to lower co-payments.
 8. You may qualify to have Prescription Advantage help pay your Part D premium.
 7. Coverage available to individuals not eligible for Medicare.
 6. As a Prescription Advantage member, you can change your Part D plan without waiting for Medicare’s open enrollment.
 5. Live customer service.
 4. Prescription Advantage will cover a 72-hour emergency supply of medication if the pharmacy is unable to bill your Part D plan.
 3. Prescription Advantage puts a limit on what you will spend each year for your prescription drugs.
 2. With Prescription Advantage there is no need to worry about the “donut hole.”

And the #1 reason to join Prescription Advantage . . . .
 1. There is no reason not to join!

Please contact Sheila or Maryanne at 978-531-2254.

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